Nirvana Penang Blissful Nirvana Menorial Park Sungai Petani

Imagine a Chinese Imperial Garden with temples, sculptures, prayer hall, function halls, pavilions and extensive landscaping surrounded by luscious rolling green hills, Blissful Memorial Park imbues a modern yet serene ambience. Located in Sungai Petani, Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park more than a cemetery, Blissful Memorial Park is the first professionally managed and maintained exclusive garden mausoleum in Northern Peninsular Malaysia. Blissful Memorial Park is elegantly crafted based on the enchanting oriental architectural designs with luxury setups in a placid and picturesque environment to deliver the best for our patrons. Blissful Memorial Park offers your departed loved ones the best resting place, peace of mind and nothing less than the highest respect and recognition. Blissful Memorial Park – a tranquil haven where you can visit, pay respect, remember and reflect on fond memories.

This memorial park offers : a well-planned environment with graceful landscaping, serene surroundings and a full range of facilities and amenities freehold land status excellent ‘Feng Shui’ elements perpetual maintenance comprehensive security services ideal surroundings conducive for reflection ancient Chinese architectural buildings and structures ‘personal-touch’ services (canopies, tables, chairs, etc. for special occasions).

A memorial park with an imperial design in mind

Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park Sungai Petani boasts a regal appearance and nestles in an environment richly endowed with good Fengshui vibes. Riding on the veins of the dragon in Fengshui perspective, the memorial park embraces every soul with peace and harmony in such a high esteemed layout. Fengshui wise, this is the place that gives birth to outstanding people. Surrounded by rolling verdant hills and panoramic greenery, Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park is such a priceless gem shaped in harmony with nature. Every aspect of the design of the memorial park is given a meticulous thought, so exquisitely. The blooming flowers are paired with a Fengshui eloquence, so uniquely yet charming. It is a land of nobility and magnificence for distinguished individuals, making it a much-sought-after, highly treasured final resting place.

A ‘family’ memorial park

Falling leaves return to their rolls. That is how a timeless philosophy preached upon the Chinese people. Regardless of how far you have travelled and where you are, one day ,you wish upon a heart that has settled down,spiritually.You aspire to find yourself and your family a place that holds your origins in high esteem. This is the home to return to, which is filled with warmth and affection. This is a memorial park for your entire family that offers a spiritually engaging space for you and posterity to hold your loved ones in remembrance. In addition, it immortalizes the illustrious history and glorious past of your family, which is a proud thing to cherish for, by your posterity. In other words, the memorial park serves as a place where you seek spiritual sustenance to commemorate the eminence of your family eternally. With the presence of endless good vibes in a well-defined, Fengshui perfect layout, the memorial park safeguards the posterity of your family while adding prominence to the credentials of your ancestors.

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