Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park — Baby Paradise Ceremony

Nirvana deeply understands the feelings of parents who lost their baby through some misfortune. The very thought of the departed little one lingers all the time, not to mention the tender loving care he/she deserves in the afterlife. Even though fate has decided his course for him/her, the spiritual attachment is forever intact. There has to be a guiding light that leads him/her to the Pure Land for reincarnation.

With this in mind, Nirvana has set up a specific place of worship at Nirvana Memorial Park to evoke blessings onto the little soul who left this world prematurely. Such a thoughtful setup ensures that the departed soul is spiritually provided for on a daily basis through dedicated prayers. With constant blessings from Lord Buddha, the path to the Blissful Pure Land is set.

Every baby deserves the grace, mercy and compassion from his/her parents, through the devoted love and affection even though he/she now belongs to the afterlife. The very thought of your little loved one may embody a lot of remembrance, worries and regrets. Nirvana takes pride in lightening the burden in your heart through a thoughtful care, made perfect in a spiritually inviting environment. Release yourself from the shackles of the spiritual uncertainties as you turn your regrets into wishes. Your benevolent virtue requires you to drive more peace of mind into the soul of your departed little one. In Buddhism, the pure bliss is understood through a dedicated devotion, wholeheartedly.

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Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park – Bukit Mertajam

Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park Bukit Mertajam

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